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Cherry Charm Nailwraps

Cherry Charm Nailwraps

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Cherry Charm Nailwraps are your new best friends, bursting with playful red cherries dancing on a creamy canvas. Perfect for a sun drenched picnic or adding a pop of fun to your dinner date ensemble!

With the "Cherry Charm Nailwraps," getting that fresh, fruity look is as easy as pie. Just peel, place, and parade those pretty fingers. They’re a sweet escape to effortless chic, dishing out a scoop of style with every wave, point, and handshake at the event of the season.

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  1. Your blister pack nail wrap set with varying sizes to match to your nail size.
  2. Two nail files for preparing nails and filing nail wrap excess when applying.
  3. Your Hello Gorgeous zip lock keep safe bag for your nail wraps.
  4. Two orange sticks for gently lifting corner and removing nail wrap from nails.
  5. Two alcohol wipes to remove residue adhesive when removing nail wraps.
  6. Your Super Ezy Instructions.

Our Super Easy Application instructions

  1. Select sizes for your nails.
  2. Tear off the clear protective layer.
  3. Peel off and mould to your nail.
  4. File off the excess

Pop your spare nail wraps back into their cover and reseal with a clip or tape to keep longer. Place in your Hello Gorgeous zip bag for touch ups or mix matching.

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