EZYNails how to apply nailwraps

Watch our simple how-to video on Youtube and follow the instructions below.

It's super quick and easy to apply nailwraps to have the best looking nails.

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About Us

Welcome to Our EzyNails

Hey Gorgeous! Get ready to dive into a world where your nails become the life of every party! Our nailwraps are here to transform your fingertips into stunning statements of style and fun. From brunch with the besties to the most glam nights out, we’ve got your back... or better yet, your nails!

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Sparkle?

It’s all about standing out and feeling fabulous. Our collection of nailwraps promises you a fast, flawless manicure without the fuss. Whether you're a minimalist lover or a pattern enthusiast, we’ve got designs that'll have everyone doing a double-take. And the best part? You can achieve salon-perfect nails right in your living room while rocking out to your favorite tunes.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Nail art has never been so easy, Gorgeous! Just peel the protective cover, wrap, and flaunt that professional look without stepping foot outside. Our nailwraps are the perfect plus-one for your next big event, dinner date, or simply when you're feeling fancy. Say goodbye to smudges and hello to perfection in minutes!

Join the Party

Don't miss out on the fun! Stay tuned every Monday for our latest collections that will spice up your nail game. Register for our 'The Gorgeous You Club' and be the first to know what’s new. Be quick with the new styles, they don't last long. Let’s make every day a reason to celebrate your style!

Ready to rule the nail scene? Let’s wrap it up and start this party, Gorgeous! Your next unforgettable manicure is just a click away.


Who we are

I'm Deb and I'm the owner of this gorgeous store. Ame is our beauty advisor and as we develop, she'll become more involved. EzyNails is powered by a Virtual Assistant Agency we have and you may see the name from time to time: Business Limited

I live in Northland and Ame lives in Canterbury. 

If you have a question, feel free to reach out. We have the chat available that will send us a message or we'll respond directly if we're available. 

Enjoy your nailwraps, I know we do!

Customer Support: 24/7-

Phone: +64 274 444 317

Email: gorgeous@ezynails.co.nz

Address: 217 Hokianga Road, Dargaville Northland 0310, New Zealand.